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  • Anxiety & depression

    Thank you for my new life. I can now sleep with no nightmares or night sweats, I no longer feel like I am having panic attacks, heart attacks or breathing issues.  I'm eating well and even socializing. I feel amazing most of the time."
    - Brad (he had severe anxiety for 5 years)

  • Learning issues

    "The change in my daughter is amazing. While doing homework she is focused and able to comprehend without going to anger and frustration; she is solving problems and her self conficence is growing. She is not panicking and falling apart over her homework. Also, she is now rarely irritable – a very pleasant change."

    - Mary (mother of a 8 year old daughter)

  • Brain Fog

    "I am thrilled by my five sessions.  My brain fog was getting to the point where I could not hide it at work anymore.  I don't quite know how to express my gratitude.  The fog has cleared, my sleeping is much better and my migraines have disappeared as well.  My family no longer finds the car keys in the fridge.  A big thank you, I will be back for more after vacation."

    - Susan (severe brain fog and migraines)

  • Athletic Performance

    "Thank you for the tune up before season.  I have a new calmness in my daily life and am able to process everyday situations better.  I have never been so focused during play and look forward to more sessions.  Oh yeah, I am sleeping better than I ever remember."

    - James (baseball player)

  • Young Mind

    "They say the golden years are something to look forward to.  This is only the case if your mind is sharp.  I started to lose my sharpness and my kids were going to take my keys away.  My chiropractor recommended Neurofeedback and now I feel 25 years younger.  Just won the chess championship and could not play last year due to memory issues."

    - Edward (kicked dementia to the curb)


    "There is no question my sessions have helped me build my business to where it is today.  It has given me back my mental edge that I had 20 years ago and the stamina needed to become partner.  Not only am I able to get all my work done, but I also have time now for myself and family.  My wheels were spinning too much before and things just took longer."

    - Pam (CEO/Founder)

  • creative spark

    "I really look forward to my sessions because I am so creative and productive for 3-5 days afterwards.  Last time I wrote three chapters, created my website and painted for the first time in years.  I was definitely in a rut before starting Neurofeedback and now am on fire."

    - Amy (Author, Artist, Creative Genius)


    "I am fascinated by neuro-hacking and trying to do as much as possible to improve my mind and body.  These sessions have been revolutionary.  Definite increase in focus, clarity, sleep, and productivity.  I actually track the numbers with my ring for sleep, so it is actual data.  My REM and deep sleep improve on the days I have my sessions."

    -  Dave (Entrepreneur and Biohacker)

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